How relevant is eBay? Were going to find out!

Next up, eBay for Business. Yes, it might seem like a quizzical choice. After all, how relevant is eBay these days? 


Is it all Generation X'ers who are feeling nostalgic for good old days when they would sell Playstation games online and who now selling their kids old toys? 


What they say is true, your next customer is really just the next person who walks into your store. But in terms of demographics, are those who are looking for luxury personal care items, or practical gifts, really going to look to eBay as a source? In Western Europe and the United States, Amazon is clearly the leading online retail platform in terms of sales volume. Especially for savvy consumers who are looking for the best quality at the best price. 


We reckon that for Natural Intimacy, putting up our eBay store is a brand awareness exercise. We want to be represented in the brightest way possible on as many platforms as possible, and eBay is one of them. And of course... sales are welcome too!