Can "Made In China" packaging really be green?

Can "Made In China" packaging really be green? 

Have you ever noticed that a lot of eco-friendly products come in sweet little drawstring storage bags? They are usually made of cotton or hemp, and often have the company's logo on them.

Now here's an even more important question. Have you ever noticed that many of these "eco-friendly"  bags are mass produced in China? 

Until now, most of our IntimateCare sponges came a little drawstring bag too. 

Why? Well, our hemp bag packaging was our first plastic-free sea sponge product, and we were proud of the direction our company was taking.  Until this product, almost all sponge suppliers sold sponges individually shrink-wrapped in plastic. But the eco-conscious consumer doesn't want excess plastic packaging. 

Things needed to change. But there was a reason most sea sponges were wrapped in plastic. It's because sponges attract dust and dirt. So we set out to create sponge packaging that was protective, yet environmentally friendly. 

And we achieved that with the help of "Made In China" drawstring bags. We wrapped each of our Mediterranean sea sponges in protective tissue paper. We then placed the sponges into a bag, tied the bag with twine, and added a recycled paper tag. 

This product was awesome. It was plastic free, sustainable, reusable... what could be better?

 Actually, there was something.

Each time we opened a huge shipment of bags from China, to our Natural Intimacy headquarters in Prima De Mar, Spain, we would wonder about the environmental impact of our "eco-friendly" bags. 

How was the hemp grown? What were the textile factory emissions like? What were the work conditions of the labors? And what was the carbon footprint of the shipping these bags some 8,000 km across continents? 

So as 2018 drew to a close and we started mapping out our goals for 2019, we knew we had to make a change. We wanted bags that were as close to perfect as possible. Ethical, from every angle. 

And you know what? We did it. 

 We said 'No' to cross content shipping and 'Yes' to collaboration with our fellow small businesses. 

We met with the owners of local textile factories. We sat over steaming cups of coffee with amazing local artisans. We learned about global textile certifications and organic fabric and dyes. We emersed ourselves in the process, and we felt the abundance that comes with a product that is just RIGHT. 

We are happy to tell you that we have expanded our range of ethically packaged sea sponges. Our entire range of sponges is now offered locally made, artisanal bags. Coming soon.