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Can "Made In China" packaging really be green?

Posted 11th February 2019

Have you ever noticed that a lot of eco-friendly products come in sweet little drawstring storage bags? They are usually made of cotton or hemp, and often have the company's logo on them. Now here's an even more important question. Have you ever noticed that many of these "eco-friendly" bags are mass produced in China?


Bleached vs. Unbleached

Posted 18th October 2018

Even after you've narrowed your sponge search to Mediterranian sea sponges, you still have to choose bleached yellow sponges vs. natural brown unbleached sponges.


Mediterranean vs. Caribbean Sea Sponges

Posted 4th October 2018

What's the difference between sponges sourced in the Mediterranean vs. the Caribbean sea?


Menstrual Sponges?

Posted 17th September 2018

Let's set the record straight: we don’t sell menstrual sponges.


How relevant is eBay? Were going to find out!

Posted 16th September 2018

We have just put our new eBay for Business store online. We reckon that for Natural Intimacy, it's a brand awareness exercise. We want to be represented in the brightest way possible on as many platforms as possible... and of course, sales are welcome too!


UK website is now LIVE!

Posted 15th September 2018

Our first sales are coming in now on our new UK website, and we could not be more excited!


The adventure has begun

Posted 29th July 2018

Natural Intimacy matured from scribbles on a sketchpad into a dynamic brand.


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